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June 15, 2021 3 min read

Kids are fun-loving, adorable, and so should their environment be. So, designing that perfect space for your kid to grow, play, and learn can be a sweet experience. However, this task may be difficult. This is because the needs of children change so, designing that room your child would always love now and in the next few years isn't a walk in the park.

Do you have zero ideas about what to do for your kid's room? Not to worry, the inspiration you need is here! We've gathered handy tips that would help you identify your child's current and future needs so you can create a perfect balance when it comes to designing. 

5 tips for designing children's rooms

1. Minimalist design:

For a kid's room design to be irresistibly appealing, you must consider space and storage. Kids play with a lot of things, including games, toys, books, etc. This is why their furniture should be minimal and decoration unique but straightforward. Because kids move around a lot, you should provide plenty of space for a play zone. A neutral canvas is suitable for an easy upgrade as your kid grows. Use open shelves as toy storage to create an eye-catching effect. Just keep it simple!

2. Make the space kid-friendly and safe:

The best way to achieve this is to imagine you're a toddler. What kind of space would you find functional and sweet? Remember, it's a cute little tenant that would be occupying the space. So, a comfortable floor bed, pint-sized table and chair can be just right. Fixtures like open shelves, accessible hooks and low bins will give your kid a sense of independence and self-reliance when it comes to playing.

3. Design a play-centred space:

There is nothing that sparks up children like play. That's what they love most. So, bring in fixtures that are fun and stylish. For instance, a playful house-frame bed, ceiling-attached cargo net, ball pit, a bunk bed slide, and an indoor swing will create a thrilling indoor adventure. For the fun part, think of a chalkboard wall and an art gallery where your cuties can show off their favourite creations. Bring in wallpaper designs that scream "play" and ensure sufficiently natural and electric light or lighting. Dark spaces will not encourage kids to play.

4. Create magic! 

Kids see a thrill in everything around them, which is different from the way adults see things. Help their sweet imagination of fantasy by adding patterns, colour and themes that are fascinating and enchanting. Kids are attracted to colours, so carefully choose room colours that won't be a pain in your budget but will provide the needed effect.

Choose pattern and texture wisely. Use rich textural layers and bold graphic designs to create the aesthetics of your child's fantasy.

Infuse wall designs with a glittering ceiling light that makes bedtime relaxing and comfortable. Your kid's reaction might surprise you. Of course, colourful circus flags and beautiful star motifs will swoon your kid's room with magical energy. Reading your kid a fairytale in a space that's been magically created will work wonders. These childhood memories do not fade. Your kid will thank you for it later.

5. Manage your child's space effectively

It is essential you make the most of your child's space, be it a small room or an ample space. Whatever baby furniture pieces you are bringing in should increase usable space. For instance, a loft bed in a small-sized kid's room is a piece of furniture with functionality. The space beneath the bed can be converted to a reading corner or lounge area. Besides, modern-day kid's room is clean-cut, minimalist, and doubles up on storage. 

Clutter is inevitable for a room with kids. They've got lots of stuff, but it can be controlled. How? Bringing in furniture with built-in storage, wall-hugging book rails, hooks, and under-the-bed storage crates is an intelligent way of storing kids stuff regardless of the room size. And for each baby fixture, let there be fun patterns. Bear in mind that kids love fun, so infuse fun into everything in their room.

Adding a get-away corner is also a great idea. Who wouldn't use some quiet time? Of course, we all do, including kids. But let it be a cosy spot and a fluffy rug where your kid can spend time alone with a good book.


There are many more fun ways to go about designing your kid's room. But with the tips above, you can have a head start. Remember always to bring in simple things that'd make those little hands and minds scream with happiness and play with zest.

For more fantastic ideas on how to decorate the children's room, contact us today. We have a never-ending store of fun-filled and inspirational kid's room ideas.