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June 04, 2021 3 min read

What an exciting time! A new bundle of joy is about to join the world and it's time to celebrate. Way back in the the 40's and 50's these events were all about showering a mother with new goods for her home. These days the possibilities of a great day are endless, and as individual as the new parents!

Here at Winter Rosie Boutique we have attended - and thrown - our fair share of baby showers and wanted to share a theme that may work a treat for you. Recently one of the Winter Rosie team attended a super fun Co-Ed baby shower and it got us thinking about how to get the fellas included as well. To get heaps of inspo, go over and check out our Pinterest board on baby showers, you can find it here.

Co-Ed Baby-Q / Picnic Theme
Who says baby showers are just for the girls! If you want to get the new Dad or perhaps your male friends and family as well as your girlfriends male partners involved in this special occasion, consider a Baby Q / Picnic baby shower theme! We love the idea of it being in a local park or in your own backyard. Bring it all to life with the Mama's unique sense of style.

Red gingham print is so cute to tie it all together with fresh florals or even repurpose your pot plants from home on the grazing table! If red isn't your thing then a neutral palette of cream, white, greens and perhaps an accent of pale pink or blue could be just the thing to top off your perfect location.

winter rosie boutique burger bar baby shower

What about the food?
Ask a friend or relative to take charge of the BBQ. We recommend kebabs or hotdogs and hamburgers as they make easy finger food. You could set up a hotdog or hamburger station with the buns and toppings, leaving your BBQ'er just to cook up the sausages/patties! For your vegetarian friends, corn on the cob is a great option. A large pre-made party punch will save time.

In lieu of a gift you could ask each guest to bring a plate of food to share at your cozy picnic and BBQ baby shower.

Little Loved Ones
This affordable picnic setting is the type of party that is also more inclusive for your friends and family with kids, with a park or backyard there's plenty of room for the little ones to run around. To keep them occupied try a pre-planned treasure hunt or ball games. To make it baby-themed why not hide a dozen dummies around your backyard for your guests to find, both young and old? You could even get your little party guests involved and have them provide their favourite baby girl or baby boy names, guaranteed to provide plenty of laughs!

Why not give your littlest guests each a plain white cotton baby onesies in different sizes and some fabric textas so they can decorate them as a gift to the new arrival? They will love getting creative!

winter rosie boutique tabitha dress
Here is beautiful Winter Rosie customer Ariana, wearing our beautiful red Tabitha dress, which suits the Baby-Q/Picnic theme perfectly!

Get Your Guests Involved!
A baby shower we attended recently had cards laid out for guests to write on titled with "A Tradition from my Childhood I Loved", it was great to see the nostalgia and the ideas that came from these. Ask all your guests to contribute to a book of "love and life advice" for the newborn baby. It would make a great gift for them later in life, a meaningful keepsake. A Polaroid camera is a great idea to then be able to paste in a picture of the guest on the day!

Consider having a calendar made with a 6 week window of the birth date and have your guests write on the date and time they predict the baby will be born - extra points if they pick the baby's gender! 

When it comes to baby shower games, try filling a baby bottle with lollies or M&M's with a box to submit a guess, with the winner announced at some point during the day to take home the loot! 

winter rosie boutique baby shower

The most important part of the day is the time spent with loved ones so make sure you capture it with plenty of photographs and shared laughs, no matter the theme or option you decide to go with!

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