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December 07, 2020 2 min read

As summer approaches, we become excited about the warm days ahead. The summer season for children usually means a time to play and have fun, but you need to ensure your kids are comfortable and stay protected. 

Selecting the right clothes for your kids during summer is important. Kids summer clothes should always protect their bodies from the harsh UV rays and limit the risk of overheating. Here are a few tips to help you choose the best summer clothes for your kids.

Opt for clothes made with cotton fabric 

To ensure your child does not suffer from overheating during summer, get loose-fitting clothes made with 100% cotton. These types of clothes keep your child cool by allowing cool air to reach their body and enable easy evaporation of sweat to prevent skin irritation.

Light clothes

Light clothes are essential for everyone, including children during summer. The hot weather needs light clothes with little or no layers. A simple short and tees or sleeveless dress are suitable for going outdoors.

Sun-blocking clothes 

Get clothes with sun protection, usually indicated as UPF when you go shopping for summer clothes. If you get a dress or tee with a UPF 10 rating, it means the cloth allows only 1/10th of the sun-rays to reach your child. The higher the UPF rating, the more protection it gives, so opt for clothing with high UPF rating. You can also reduce the sun-absorbing capacity of the clothes by using sun-blocking detergents to wash the clothes.

Hats are important 

A sun hat will protect your child’s scalp, ear, face and neck. While shopping for girls summer clothes, ensure you include getting a hat with UPF lightweight cotton and an oversized brim. 


Your child is not too young to wear sunglasses, especially when they protect the eyes. It is a nice way to accessorise your child. If you think your child would have a hard time wearing sunglasses, you could try glasses with elastic bands.

Light-coloured clothing

Light-coloured clothes during summer are not only for fashion. They help reflect most of the sun-rays, which keeps your child cool. 

Smart footwear 

A nice cloth has to go with beautiful and matching footwear, and to suit the summer season, get smart sandals for your child. Those made with a flexible sole and waterproof are usually advisable. Opt for footwear that is easy to dry, so they do not retain heat from the feet, which offers discomfort.

Fashionable clothes 

Although you want to get clothes to protect your child during summers, you also need your child to look fashionable. Short skirts, half pants, and floral-designed dresses are a few things you should include while getting your kids clothes for summer.

Finally, summer speaks Funtime, so keep your kid’s clothes looking smart and colourful. Clothes with sun-blocking effect should be on top of your list when shopping.

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