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How To Style Your Kids For Santa Photos

November 04, 2021 3 min read

There’s nothing more adorable than kids during the holidays, red frilly dresses, little elf onesies, sparkly bow ties – what could be cuter? Of all the typical Christmas events many families partake in, getting a photo with Santa is a must for the festive season. 

Santa photos are a staple for most households during the holidays, many use them as Christmas cards or as the more modern Christmas Instagram post. While it can be tempting to dress your kids up in the most extravagant Christmas themed outfits, it’s important to consider a few things when putting together your kids Christmas outfit. 

Consider their age

While a 10-year-old is probably old enough to sit for a few minutes in a little suit or a stiff dress and stockings, a three-year-old or an infant probably will not. Babies will look even cuter and feel more comfortable in a little Christmas onesie that’s soft yet durable. Don’t try to overdress your children, if they are too young for a dress or shorts, don’t put them in a dress or shorts!

Let them pick

If you have a stubborn little one who you know will hate anything you put them in, don’t dig in your heels. You might have picked an outfit weeks ago, but when it comes to the day you never know what your child is going to do! Your little one doesn’t just need to look good, they need to feel nice and confident in what they’re wearing too. 

If you have a selection of red, white and green clothing, lay them out and let your little one pick their favourite. But at the end of the day if they want to go in their favourite superhero costume, don’t get too attached to the idea of your Santa photos looking perfectly put together. Meeting Santa after all is about them!

Comfort is key 

Sequins and little bow ties might be adorable, but if your child just won’t sit still due to itching or wriggling, you’re probably going to struggle to not only get them to sit for the photo and smile but to even wait in line. Instead pick a kidsChristmas outfit that is breathable, something your children will enjoy and be able to move around in. 

Another tip is to avoid dressing your children in new clothing, as they can be stiff and uncomfortable. Always wash your kid's clothing before wear and ensure the material isn’t itchy or too tight. You also don’t want this to be the first day you put your daughter in shorts when all she’s ever worn is a dress. No matter how cute they might look, stick to what you know they want to wear. 

Consider their personality

Think about who your children are, what they usually like to wear and decide on an outfit that is a reflection of these things. Here at Winter Rosie Boutique, we have a fantastic range to suit many different children, frombaby rompers to tutu dresses and little shirt and suspender sets. 

If your little girl or boy is always crawling about, is very curious and playful, a romper with colour and character is going to suit them better than a dress or pants they can’t move around in. 

Remember to bring spares

Lastly, once you’ve styled your children and gotten them into their comfortable, yet cute, little outfits, you must bring spares! No matter how precisely you plan the day you just don’t know what might happen. Items such as band-aids, a hairbrush and wet wipes are also must-haves for your trip to see Santa. 

Ready to ‘say cheese’

It’s important to remember when putting together your kids Christmas outfit, it’s about them, their experience and their comfortability. Meeting Santa is a magical experience for them and being put in an outfit that is stiff, itchy and not what they would usually wear is sure to take the magic right out of it. 

For some amazing kids Christmas outfit ideas, head toour store today, we have a great collection of baby girl Christmas outfits, toddler Christmas dresses, boys Christmas outfits and more that are sure to help your kids feel confident and comfortable.