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March 15, 2021 3 min read

When it is that time of the year where the air suddenly turns cold, and ice begins to fall from the sky, you need to protect your little ones since they're more vulnerable to cold with the proper clothing. 


Our collection of cute winter outfits for kids ensures your babies and children stay warm all day and all night long. 

As a parent, you may have a lot of beautiful clothes for your little ones, but you need to learn the art of dressing them for winter wherever you will be taking them to.


How should I dress my child in winter?

The reason young children catch colds more quickly is that their bodies are smaller; it loses heat faster. They don't even know when they're getting cold. So, as parents, we need to look out for signs of cold and take responsibility to keep them warm.

Sometimes during winter, you may want to take your baby for a walk in the park, shopping, or for a stroller ride; dressing them up for the weather makes a lot of sense. The kind of clothing we put on young children shouldn't make them feel too hot or too cold; it should be comfortable. 

Dressing children in layers of kids winter clothes for both indoor and outdoor activities will help trap the right amount of heat to keep them warm and also allow them to take off a jumper or jacket when you're in transit without any problem. When doing this, avoid too many layers as it would make them colder.


Here are three primary cloth layers for kids to help make them winter-ready:

  • Base layer: After your baby's skin comes this layer. It drains moisture. Get snug-fitting clothes for this layer in the best materials like wool or polyester.
  • Middle layer: This one tops the base layer. It insulates. Get clothes for this layer that are good body-fit but allows movement in best materials like wool, fleece, or down.
  • Outer layer: Protection from snow, wind, and rain is the function of this cloth layer. Get clothes for this layer that allows free movement and accommodates other layers. We stock a variety of kids winter outfits. The best materials for this includes a waterproof jacket or shell - they should be breathable. Avoid clothes that will bundle them up and not allow them to climb the playground ladder or romp in the snow.

To make things easier, buy kid's clothes that are easy to put on and take off. If it also allows kids to do the pull on and take off themselves, that's even better! Item of clothing of this nature and style is a plus to your baby's winter wardrobe.


Boys winter outfits

There's a wide range of jumpers, vests, sweaters, and jackets (with and without mini hoodies) at our store for your little boy. These are available in pretty cool colours and styles with excellent arts. Need other accessories for those cute little fingers, toes, and faces? We got everything covered!


Girls winter outfits

Style up your cute little princess with our vast collection of beautifully designed jumpers, cardigans, coats, sweaters with mini hoodies, jackets, and other accessories.

Also in stock is the "Mummy-and-me" set you can rock with your baby for an outing. Our warm winter jackets, including leather bike jackets, fluffy denim jacket, lily jacket, to mention but a few, are breathable and fascinating.



You know your baby and young children need that TLC in clothing, especially during winter, and we have what you need, including a collection of girls and boys clothes. Visit our store online today!