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September 20, 2021 3 min read

As kids come into the family, a lot of things begin to change. Each child is different from the other, so your experience with baby #1 may differ with the next baby. This means that as families grow, there are bound to be new responsibilities that can be challenging.

So, what can growing families do to be ready to welcome a new baby - could be a first child or another baby after the first two or more children? This article will answer this question.  

Helpful hints for your family

The following tips will get you geared up for the journey of raising a new baby:

  • Prepare to adjust. As your family welcomes another baby, it is not uncommon to experience new challenges. However, you already have some advantages. The fact that you've been pregnant before and raised an older child means you're not treading on unfamiliar grounds. For this, most families can readily adapt to the addition for the period of time. 
  • Consider current baby needs. Sometimes, you might be in luck to have available some baby items from your first child. But baby needs change constantly so, take a tab of what you have presently for the baby and what may be needed as an upgrade. Consider shopping for your baby clothing at Winter Rosie Boutique. We have a lot of trendy quality attires for babies along with accessories.

Are your friends or family offering to help with the newborn? Don't turn them down! 

Managing a growing family isn't easy - you'll need help with the dishes, laundry and housekeeping. So, if a relative is willing, don't be afraid to welcome a prenatal massage or meals that can be stored in the freezer.

When preparing for the new baby, involve your first child in the activities preceding the birth of your baby. Let them accompany you on prenatal visits. Read books on birth together with them, ask how they feel about having a brother or sister. This will make them feel loved and not left out.

Again, think of gifting your first child an item that'll make them happy as the new baby arrives. Motivate them to craft a present for the newborn and be part of the baby’s welcome.

You should include a baby carrier in your baby budget. This is critical when you have to care for a big kid and a newborn. A baby carrier will help you nurse the new baby and still have your hands free to attend to your older child. It makes the job of multi-tasking, which moms face, easy.

Most big brothers/sisters experience some emotional issues following the birth of a baby. This is because it is a new experience for them. So, having them in the baby carrier too can help them connect with you and be happy.

  • Treat your older child to some special time. A growing family means a busy family life where you can get lost in caring for the new baby's needs. From feeding to changing diapers, the newborn can almost naturally take the whole attention. But slow down and sprinkle some love on your older child too. Read them a book, do an activity with them - just show them you still care. 
  • Share baby caring responsibilities. You will be completely spent if you're caring for the baby alone. Have your partner help you, especially as you won't be getting enough sleep. You can also hire a caregiver to preserve your energy and keep you healthy. Plan for this before the baby arrives.
  • Establish routines. Having a routine that will keep everyone, including your older child, happy before the baby comes. This is to avoid hassles that come with the new challenges and transition. For instance, let your partner take up bedtime roles if you previously did with your older child to give you more time with the baby.
  • Some quiet fun can help. Make available and accessible everything your older child needs to have their time alone when you must be with the baby. This includes puzzles and games. You can limit toddler messes with this.
  • Be in good health and take breaks. Eat healthy foods, stay hydrated and sleep well. Caring for a baby comes with so much stress. Forgive yourself when you make mistakes in child care, as the experience and challenges are new. Remember that only a healthy and strong mother can give a baby the best possible care.


Summing up

Along with the increase in day to day expenses, growing families have quite a number of new tasks to deal with, including baby clothing.

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