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May 18, 2023 2 min read

Who will your children want to be for this coming Book Week 2023?  

Book Week is often centered around a theme, and participants are encouraged to dress up as their favorite book characters, engage in reading challenges, attend author talks and book signings, participate in book clubs, and more.

Book Week is an important initiative that promotes literacy, fosters a love of reading, and encourages people to explore new books and authors. It's a great opportunity for schools, libraries, and communities to come together and celebrate the joy of reading. 

If you're looking for book week costume ideas, here are some suggestions based on popular books.

1. Cinderella: Wear a blue dress, glass slippers, and a tiara to become the classic fairy tale princess from Charles Perrault's "Cinderella."


Cinderella Dress
Here are our few blue "Cinderella like" dresses and gowns; Jennifer Princess Dress, Sweetheart Dress, Lace Tutu Dress, Kadence Tutu Dress, Charlie Dress, Blue Sparkle Dress
2. Snow White: Dress up in a yellow and blue dress, red cape, and red bow to embody the kind and beautiful princess from the Brothers Grimm's "Snow White." 
Snow White DressSnow White DressSnow White Dress
3. Tangled / Rapunzel: Rapunzel is most often seen wearing a long, purple dress with a corset top and puffed sleeves. You can easily find a similar dress online or in a costume shop.
Tangled / Rapunzel DressTangled / Rapunzel Dress
5. The Little Mermaid: Dress up in a mermaid costume with a crown to become the curious and adventurous princess from Hans Christian Andersen's "The Little Mermaid."
Mermaid Dress
You can check our Mermaid Tutu Dress
6. Unicorn: Dress up in a horn-shaped headband and rainbow-coloured Unicorn to become fun and creative. 
Unicorn Dress
7. Belle from Beauty and the Beast: Dress up as Belle with a yellow dress, white apron, and brown boots.
Belle Dress
8. Sleeping Beauty: Dress up as Sleeping Beauty with a pink dress, a gold tiara, and blonde hair.
Aurora Dress
9. Mickey and Minnie Mouse: Dress up as the classic cartoon character with black ears, a red pants and white gloves.
Minnie Mouse Dress
Minnie and Mickey Mouse Dress Hot PinkRedPinkLight Pink

Remember, the key to a great Book Week costume is to have fun and be creative with your interpretation of the character.