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First Birthday Dress Australia

Your Little Princess Deserves an Adorable First Birthday Dress in Australia

Buy her first birthday dress in Australia and view our adorable clothing for girls and boys. We also stock stunning casual wear for all occasions.

The Importance of First Birthday Dresses in Australia

A first birthday party celebrates the irreplaceable and distinctive little person who came into the world on this special day just one short year ago, and the huge strides made in a brief space of time.

  • You want to provide new experiences and a meaningful occasion on this day. A darling new outfit is one way of doing so, whether you're having a small gathering with a few familiar faces, just a birthday cake at home, or a fun family meal at a kid-friendly restaurant.
  • Try to schedule the activities on the big day so the guest of honour is well-rested and fed as she may not want to eat during all the excitement. It's best to plan the merriment before or after what would be nap-time on a normal day and to keep the festivities to no more than two hours.
  • Busy dΓ©cor involving an overload of party hats, noisemakers, banners, streamers and balloons may prove overpowering and possibly unsafe as pieces of string and popped balloons are risky. Keep it modest, safe, and go easy on small treats that could cause choking.

Buy our adorable first birthday dress with AfterPay, or pick our red, white, and black Lady Bug Birthday Outfit; purple, blue, and white Mermaid Birthday Set; Luna pink or purple tutu, and the It's my 1st Birthday Hot Pink tutu with long-sleeved romper and headband.

What is the Purpose of a First Birthday Dress for Mom and Daughter?

We supply an amusing matching collection of t-shirts, jumpers, and beanies for mum and baby. Why not pair these with bottoms of the same colour so you match at the celebration? This way, all will know that you're a team and your moppet will feel proud to look like mum.

  • With the connection between you and the birthday girl firmly established, the young guests can focus on non-structured play with a selection of toys and age-appropriate activities such as paper and washable crayons, balls, blocks, busy baskets, and music makers.
  • Keep it simple as you don't want your little one to be overwhelmed by too many people, too much excitement, and loud entertainment that may cause tears. Note that clowns and magicians may scare sensitive, unpredictable tots.
  • The photographs – taken by somebody else if you don't want to miss all the fun βˆ’ will be around for years to come, so dress baby in a cute yet comfortable get-up that doesn't break the bank.

You want pictures of a delightful, relaxed, pleasurable event all involved would like to remember.

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