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September 06, 2021 3 min read

The measures to curtail the spread of the coronavirus are significant, and it has impacted family gatherings and kids' fun life. 

Whilst we can't change lockdown rules, you and your kids can still have fun. 

So, here are some tips parents can employ to make the life of kids during lockdown memorable and adventurous.

How parents can support their kids

Admittedly, the lockdown isn't an easy phase, and as days become weeks, kids may begin to get bored. As a parent, you wouldn't want that. To help your kids maintain good physical and mental well-being, the following are activities that can help bring all the fun home - the NSW Public Health Order stipulates a limit of 5km radius for social activities.

Have Fun With Play-dough

Playing with play-dough is a great activity for children during lockdown. Cut the kids some slack and let them go all out to have a fun time creating whatsoever they can imagine with play-dough. This activity can mess up your space, though; cover the play area with old newspapers. 

Get Yoghurt Painting

Do you have young children? If yes, then this is one activity they'll love. Just get some bowls of yoghurt topped with different food colourings and allow the children to paint with it on paper. It's totally fine should they decide to eat the yoghurt mix.

Play Dress Ups

Our high quality clothes and dresses are perfect for dress up fun in the lockdown! Have your child pick one of their favourite characters and let them imagine a world of adventure and excitement.

Build with LEGO

Invest some quality time with your kids by building LEGO with them. There are great ideas for LEGO online - just google search. Your kids can even try out some engineering projects or do some designs. 

Potato Printing

Throw in some fun activity in the lockdown with potato printing. It's simple. Just cut up a potato, make creative shapes out of them, apply some paint and allow the children to stamp away on old papers. 

Read Books

Let the kids read books while at home. You can get hardcopy books or ebooks your kids can read via mobile - tablets, phones or computers. Many interesting kids books'll inspire and educate.

Bring Out The Board Games

Have kids in preschool or teenagers? There are board games suitable for young children. It's time to roll out the board games: Scrabble, Monopoly, Twister, Jenga, and lots more. Take out time to play these games with your kids.

Figure Out Jigsaw Puzzles

Get your kids thinking smart with some jigsaw puzzles at home. Good thing is you can begin whenever you want to, take a break and restart the game. For children below 5 years, pick simple puzzles (less than 50 pieces). For kids above 5 years, more pieces like 120 to 500 can do. A family game like jigsaw puzzles is great for stay-at-home fun.

Have Quiet Time Listening To Audiobooks

Gather the kids around in a comfortable position and listen to some good audiobooks you have downloaded. Kids have a good memory and will likely remember everything they hear. 

Turn Up The Music

If you work from home, indulging the kids with some music will allow you to focus. Just turn on the music, add some headphones and set them dancing. Be sure to set the headphone volume on the right level.

Party With Glowsticks

Have a night of fun with the kids glowing in the dark. Get some glowsticks or clothes that glow, put them on at night and party away.

Cinema At Home

Replace weekend movies at public cinemas with some family movie night. Break out some funny flicks and watch them with your children. Make some popcorn for the night. 

Get Colouring

Let the family have a session of colouring. Get all the crayons, colouring books and pencils and get everyone colour their hearts out.

Indoor Cubby

Kids love having special places to play and hide! Cubby house making is fun with pillows and blankets; our Fluffy Unicorn Blanket can come in handy.


You can add spice to family routines to help children during lockdown have all the outdoor fun indoors.