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July 15, 2021 3 min read

Getting clothes for your kids can be a difficult task sometimes. From price negotiations to finding the best quality clothes, the hassle can be a bit much.

Which is why we have prepared this guide to give you a head start when shopping for kids and baby clothes.

Online shopping tips for kids clothing

Everyone has a skill or two to find the best online deals either by price negotiation, strategic buying, or superstition. When it comes to clothing for children, some persons leverage spring sales to buy winter coats; others take advantage of auction websites to buy batches of clothes with good discounts. Whatever method you employ, there's a chance for improvement. Besides, new stores and sales are some of the frequent changes the online shopping environment goes through. And it's not like those experienced in traditional retail stores.

Physical shopping centres have been left for online stores as customers these days now prefer to shop online with the many possibilities found there. A 2011 survey by Deloitte shows that half of all polled consumers have plans to shop online during the holidays.

Not only do people now prefer to shop gifts and holiday items online, but it's also now a preferred norm to buy children clothes via e-shops.

Now that purchases have gone digital, several strategies can help you get great deals on quality clothes for kids.


Here's our top tips that'll help you buy clothing for kids online. 

Don't pay retail:

For parents who spend more hours working, the conventional shopping pattern is to keep shopping for the weekend to visit stores and malls for items. Do you know you can save money by changing this habit? First, you will get the best deals if you shop for kids clothing online in midweek. A survey shows that Wednesday is the best day to buy clothes for kids. It comes with an average discount of 40%.

Next, online shopping is easy as you can use search engines to find stores selling at the best lowest rate. Plus, the transportation cost of moving from store to store is cut out.

There are kids clothes stores that qualify customers for discounts if they follow them on their social media handles or like their Facebook page. 


Read the reviews:

Customers do leave feedbacks for retailers. Research and read reviews of shoppers who have purchased the same clothing for children you're considering to be informed. This is particularly important for ascertaining true to size clothes. Why? Baby clothing sizes aren't always the same. A size four kid's winter coat at one shop may vary widely with a size four from another shop.

It's best not to judge an item from one person's review; consider multiple reviews before deciding on that item. Most times, ignore the best and worst reviews; you'll often find the truth in the middle. For example, if a shopper gave children winter clothes an impressive 5-star rating, another reviewer gave it a poor 1-star rating, and 30 reviewers assigned the same item a 4-star rating, you can rely on the review of the majority.


Check return policies:

When buying clothing items for children online, your child cannot try on the clothes to know if they fit. But if you buy from retailers offering incredible return policies, you're safe as ill-fitting clothes can be returned. Most shops display their return policies on their websites. For those that don't, you can make enquiries.

Different retailers offer different time limits for return. Understand your retailer's return policies by asking the right questions.


Avoid high shipping costs:

If you need affordable clothing for children, go for retailers offering free or low-cost shipping. While some retailers charge a flat rate for shipping, others may charge nothing for shipping and even returns.

Check sites and forums like for shipping codes. Or look for special promos offering discounted shipping for a certain amount of purchases. Not having any luck with this, try ordering from a physical store's website that ships items to their shops. When the products arrive, you can freely pick them up. This works if the store isn't so far from your home or you've got some business within the shop area.


Summing Up

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