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June 29, 2021 4 min read

Everyone loves a suitable gift, and children seem to love it more than everyone else. However, sharing or giving the perfect gift is not necessarily an easy task, especially if you do not know what you are doing.

When you think about gift ideas for kids, there are several things to consider. Buying gifts for children is quite different from buying for adults.

Although children may tell you the kind of gift they want, you must understand that sometimes, the sort of gifts they should receive should be based on what they need. Also, know that it is always fun to make it a personalised gift for kids, no matter the occasion.

Some common factors to take note of when considering gift ideas for kids include the following;

  1. Age of the child
  2. Gender of the child
  3. The occasion 
  4. Personality 
  5. Interest

Gift ideas based on age

There are lots of cool gifts that you can get for kids of all ages. A different range of gifts exists for children from babies to their early or even late teens.

Gift ideas for babies and toddlers: At this stage of a child's life, they cannot even tell you what they want. You will have to pick the perfect gift from what you think they need at that moment or what you think will be suitable for them. Some common gift ideas for newborn babies include gifts like baby hampers for carrying the infant around and used irrespective of the child's gender, baby clothes, swaddling cloth, personalised gift items such as photo album or baby furniture.

Buying gifts for toddlers, on the other hand, is not the same as buying for babies. They can now understand the art of gift at the toddler stage and appreciate you when they get something they love. You must know that you should get them a gift they can play with. This is because most of their activities are centred on playing with their hands.

It would be nice to get them something that can serve as a play tool, and at the same time, serve as an early tool for learning. Some cool gift examples for a toddler include board books, snugly bears or teddy's from their favourite TV characters, building block, educational toys, etc. 

Gift ideas based on gender

Getting the right kind of gift for either girls or boys is a whole different ball game. It would help if you had a gift guide to make the perfect choice of gift.

Gift for girls: Picking the right kind of gift for a girl, whether it is a birthday gift or during a Christmas period, is not easy. Depending on the girl's age, the gift should be something she can play with, and at the same time, something that relates to beauty or girly nature. From a doll she can play dress-up with, a dollhouse, a teapot set, to a flying pixie – all these make great choices for girls as gifts. 

Gift ideas for boys: Also, paying attention to their age, you would not want to get them something too violent or too soft. You should note that the taste and choices of the boy will differ from yours, so the idea is to find common ground for you two. They can appreciate gifts like a motorbike, a toy car that they can drive, and even a science kit. 

Gift ideas based on the occasion

Having kids means that you get to buy presents at different times of the year. From their birthdays to Christmas, thanksgiving and even holiday seasons, gifts are necessary for them. The birthday gifts will undoubtedly differ from the holiday presents or the Christmas presents. While you can certainly rely on their own choices, especially when they are older or in their teens, you can also rely on your instincts and get them what they want and need. For their birthdays, they should get more personalised gifts because it is clearly about them. On the other days, they can get more average but still valuable gifts.

Gift ideas based on personalities and interests

It is evident from a young age that they wish to choose a certain path in life for most children. You notice these changes from the things they do and the things they are actively involved in.

As a parent or guardian, you can help them get better at what they are good at, and one way to do this is by getting them gifts that will help them hone that skill. Some good examples of gifts that can help a child's personality or interest include a monthly book subscription for kids that love to read, indoor bowling set for sports enthusiasts.

A pair of binoculars for those interested in nature, a gift card for those who love to write, and a portable music set or speaker for music lovers.


It is not so tricky to pick nice and cool gifts for your kids when you know what to look out for and the areas to focus on.

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