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Our Kids Christmas Outfit Guide

November 04, 2021 3 min read

When Christmas time rolls around there are many different gatherings and events to go to. Whether it be a mother’s group lunch, a school Christmas Fete or a family dinner, it’s always nice to have your kids dress the part.

Finding the right kidsChristmas outfit for your little ones can be tricky, as you have so much to consider beyond style such as the weather, bathroom emergencies and all those sticky fingers! While you can’t always avoid these things, there are a few tips and tricks you can employ to ensure your kids are stylish and comfortable at every event.


A great way to pull an outfit together for your kids is to find the perfect pair of shoes to match the rest of the ensemble. Your kids don’t even have to be walking yet, you can still put an outfit together with cute little slippers and pre-walkers, just like these adorablemetallic pre-walkers


Another cute way to bring a kids Christmas outfit together is by accessorising. There’s nothing quite like an adorable bow tie or a hair accessory to make any outfit shine and help your kids to look even more adorable. When you accessorise your kids, it’s always a great idea to find a common thread, such as repeating patterns or colours, like these Santa’s helpersuspender sets with cute little matching bows.


Not all occasions are going to call for the same outfits. For a family dinner, you might want to go for a traditional outfit, for a lunch with family friends, you can get away with something more playful. If the event is outside, you’re going to want to contend with this, meaning white dresses and shirts aren’t going to be the best idea!

For the big day itself, it’s always fun to find matching clothing like our little bow tie rompers, perfect for a couple of boys, or for a big sister little sister duo thisromper and dress set are just going to make your heart melt. 

Comfort over class

No matter what the occasion is, you want your kids to be comfortable in their outfits. There’s no point in buying your toddler a Christmas outfit if they’re only going to be uncomfortable and fussy and you have to take them out of it half an hour later. 

All of our Christmas collection clothing is made with soft and breathable material to ensure your child is comfortable and stylish at the same time, keeping both parent and child happy. 

Patterns are your friend

Let’s be honest, kids and food don’t always play well, and some foods are more likely to end up on their front than in their belly. Patterns are an easy fashion statement for your kids Christmas outfits, and they also help with hiding all kinds of mess! We have boys and girlsChristmas outfits with wonderful Christmas themed patterns such as gingerbread houses, little Santa Clauses, reindeer, candy canes and more. 

Keep spares on hand

No matter what the occasion it’s always best practice as a parent to bring spare clothes for your kids. Patterns might help hide some small food stains, but you still want to be prepared for any accidents. 

When you’re running around visiting different family members and having lunches and dinners with your child, it can be hard to keep your kids clean and looking presentable. When wet wipes and fresh diapers fail, make sure you have a spare set of clothes to freshen up your kids between visits and events. 

All fitted out!

Christmas is a time for celebration, love, laughter and family and what better way to show your Christmas spirit than through your children. Here at Winter Rosie Boutique, we have everything you need for a fashionable festive season. Head toour store to check out our cute Christmas sets, rompers and more.