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October 12, 2021 3 min read

It can at times be a bit tricky when getting the right clothes and shoes for children. In this post, you'll find helpful advice on how to get the right shoe sizes and type for that adorable little one.

When should your child get new shoes?

Children aged 0 to 12 months cannot tell you when their toes begin to ache from tight-fitting shoes. For those aged two years and above, it may be different. Sometimes, they'll let you know they're no longer comfortable walking in their shoes.

Whether your kids complain or not, you should regularly examine your children's shoes for areas that are bulging, stressed or worn out. When the toes begin to tilt upwards, grab that little one's hands and hit the kids store. 

Tips for shopping for children's shoes

  • Try kids' shoes in the late afternoon or evening as feet get swollen during the day.
  • Should your child be uninterested in shopping for shoes, take advantage of shopping online.
  • Avoid a big budget for kids' shoes if it's not for a big occasion because children outgrow shoes faster. Besides, there are always more trendy shoes hitting the market.

How to get the right shoe size for children

  • Know your kids' shoe sizes by having them measured. Take this measurement while they're standing and get a pair that fits the larger of the two feet (the two feet are not always of the same size). This is important because what fits them in-store may not fit after a day or two.
  • Look out for the front part of the shoe your child is trying out, and be sure their toes are not being crunched. Let there be around one-inch spacing between the tip of your child's toe and the tip of the shoe toe.
  • Keeping in mind how fast children outgrow shoes may make you want to get oversized shoes for them. However, never buy shoes that are beyond a size bigger than your child. Oversized shoes will make movement difficult for children and may cause foot problems.
  • The fit of the heel of your child's shoes is very important. A very tight shoe heel will cause soreness around the heel of your child. A loose shoe heel isn't best either. So, ensure the heel fits perfectly.
  • Another important tip when choosing sizes for children's shoes is to avoid the culture of believing if it doesn't fit today, it will tomorrow. A kid's shoes should fit very well from the time of purchase.

How to choose children shoes

  • Try and buy shoes with a back for children. This is a general rule. Shoes for children should be such that they can be fastened either with laces or other styles.
  • Shoes that keep your child's feet cool and dry are the best. This is achieved in shoes made from breathable materials like leather. And such shoes last long.
  • Go for flat shoes and soles for your kids. Avoid the heels! They cause problems in the development of the child's foot, plus they won't be able to walk in heels.
  • If you're going for soles, get a textured sole to help the child maintain foot grip with the ground and not fall from walking on smooth surfaces.
  • Choose soles that are thick, flexible, yet firm to allow for foot bending and prevent discomfort.
  • When you've found the right shoe, indulge your child by letting them pick a design or colour they like from the range that fits them best.


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